Fabric Pocket Face Mask Washable, Reusable Protection from Dust, Pollen, Other Airborne Irritants

Made in Bangladesh

Fabric Composition: Cotton Elastin  (Any other fabrics can be developed due to customers’ order.)
Colour: Colors can be adjusted as customers’ wish.
Size: All ranges
Measurement: USA, EU, ASIA standard
Label: Private Label Accepted
Print & Embroidery: According to the customers’ requirements

MOQ: 10,00 Pcs per colour and style
Lead Time: 10-60 days based on the order quantity
Shipment Term: FOB or CNF

Style Ref: 880-77240 (Non-stock item)

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Product Description

Washable Reusable Fabric Pocket Face Mask

The Onzie is made of an up-cycling fabric with Full Flex and Spandex for a comfortable fit. The mask is machine washable and has a nasal wire fabric filter and is also machine washable. It is the first and only reusable fabric face mask available on the market and is a great alternative to traditional plastic face masks. 

This non-medical mask is KN95 certified, which means that it complies with the Chinese standard for respirators. The mask can be worn individually or as part of a face mask for up to 3 days in one application and can also be reused for other purposes. 

The mask consists of five layers of filters made of polypropylene and cotton and has a nose clip so it fits better on the face. Some retailers sell five built-in filters designed to block pollutants in the air.

The printing company has developed its own reusable mask that allows filters to be inserted into each of the five layers of polypropylene, cotton, polyethylene and polystyrene, as well as a nose clip.

Vistaprint, which normally makes custom, branded products, sells replaceable, patented nanofiber filters made from breathable melt – blown nanofibers. Subzero Masks makes all its filters American-made, including the two layers of filter media sewn into each layer of Sub Zero. Lumily sells 5 packs of filters individually, and each mask has a filter bag, but each is sewn by hand. 

You can buy a replacement filter pack of 10 at the same link or buy replacement filters on their website. They also come out with two filters, and you can buy them on their website. 

Shop Bop has the likes of Natasha Zinko and Heroine Sport, and for every PS12 mask you buy, the brand donates a medical mask to the NHS. So far, they have donated more than $35,000 to the NHS, the most recent donation being $5,500 to the NHS. 

During the winter session, which usually consists of bags, purses and accessories, two disposable filters made of densely woven cotton fabric are sold, secured with a bandage and have removable filter layers, including one for the face and another for each mask. Other offerings include a sumptuously sparkly printed mask from the brand’s archive fabric, lined with gold, silver, black, red, blue, yellow and white. The mask is available in two different sizes, each of which consists of a non-woven textile such as cotton, cotton wool or cotton. 

If you prefer not to have a filter on your face mask, a number of other companies make washable face coverings. 

I # Ve spent the last month perfecting my personal mask with a bespoke shirt, a pair of gloves and a few other items. I have converted a protective mask I made myself into a washable, reusable fabric face mask for my personal use. 

The mask features side folds to make it comfortable to sit on your face, and a small pocket in the middle for a little extra protection. 

Brooks Brothers manufacture washable adult face masks from a polypropylene (PLA) fabric mixture tested to filter out harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead, arsenic and other impurities at its US factory. The mask consists of a 2-pore, non-woven filter fabric – free, high-quality and made of recycled polyethylene plastic.

Day after day, the sustainable fashion start-up sells personal face masks made from recycled polypropylene (PLA) fabric, polyethylene plastic (PPL) and cotton. A pack of 20 masks costs $70, a pack of 20 masks $20 and a pack of 100 masks $300.

The inner layer of the mask has an antimicrobial coating that holds up to 30 washing cycles. It is secured by an elastic loop that wraps around the ears and provides a pocket for adding a filter (not included). The mask has an internal filter pocket, in which the filter itself is located, and is offered with the option to put it in the pocket.

You can now pre-order the mask, which will be shipped the week of May 18 and shipped on May 20. The Abacaxi face mask also comes with a free sample pack of 10 face masks for a limited time. 

The pack comes with a machine – a washable Faherty brand mask made of a soft cloth and a free sample pack of 10 face masks made of various fabrics. Rails have suspended its clothing production to produce the Abacaxi face mask, which will be available worldwide free of charge for a limited time from 20 May 2017. 

Silicone appliance maker GIR, which normally makes spatulas, spoons, straws and baking mats, has added a reusable face mask to its repertoire. The 15 silicone masks are available in seven colours and contain five disposable filters. 

Count Lantz has now produced his first reusable cushion with a reusable face mask. The manufacturer of environmentally friendly mattresses has produced the first-ever usable foam cushion for its new product line.