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As Fabric Face Mask Supplier, we can provide:

  • Organic and Eco-friendly Face mask options
  • Custom, Private-label or embellished fabric face masks
  • 100% Bangladesh Made Face Masks
  • Same Day Shipping and Free Shipping Options
  • Customer Loyalty Bonuses and Incentives
  • Rib and Spandex Blends for a more secure fit
  • Ribbed Fabrics and Spandex Blends for a more secure fit (Our Fabrics)

Comfortable Fabric Face Covers

Fabric face mask materials and fit are important to your customer’s comfort and ultimately the experience they have with your product or service. That is why we have used some of the most form-fitting and comfortable face mask materials to construct or styles.

Attractive Colors

“Fashionable Face Masks” is a term that we quickly began hearing as everyone still wants to be an individual and express their own personal style. We have a wide range of colour and fabric choices so even the most discriminating taste will have something they will like. Great for embellishment, our styles are ready for screen printing, embroidery, applique or other ways to personalize or and brand the masks.

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